manga Shadowless Night Chapter 2

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manga Shadowless Night Chapter 2

manga Shadowless Night Chapter 2

The three ran swiftly. Even Raymond never looked back, but Ricardis stopped from time to time, mistaking the sound of the wind rustling through the leaves or the sounds of animals living in the forest for Rosaline. The pauses were short, but Ricardis often slowed down his steps. He was fooled countless times but still stopped again and again and again.


The sun went behind the mountains, and night fell. They looked around and saw a hut hidden among the trees. It was shabby, and there were holes here and there, but it was enough to barely escape the night dew.


“How much longer?”


“I think we need to move for about half a day more.”


“We may have strayed a bit when changing paths in the middle of our journey.”


Tactically, none of the three mentioned ‘that.’ The sacrifice of colleagues and the absence of someone from a few hours ago. Ricardis entered the hut and collapsed. He took a deep breath and rested his forehead on his knee for a while.


Balta, Illavenia, Black Moon, White Night, Laurel of the Snowfield, Haqab, Elpidio, Diech.




All sorts of thoughts ran through his mind as Ricardis frowned at his throbbing headache. Nathan glanced at him. Obviously, he had been very fond of Sir Rosaline lately. How could he not feel attached to that stupid kid? She was a child who worked hard and got results. This situation will probably bring back bad memories for his master, like when Princess Setistia lost her life in vain.


Time, space, and people: none of them overlapped. But Nathan somehow recalled the incident. He didn’t know if it’s because she’s a girl or if it’s because she’s also lost her life in Ricardis’s stead. Nathan sighed.


“I advise you to get some sleep, Your Highness.”


“…Of course.”


It was a muffled voice as if he had just woken up.


“I’m tired.”


The voice spread through the dusty hut was low and soon faded away. Only after Ricardis spit it out did he realize he was exhausted. A feeling of weakness spread all over his body. He couldn’t move a single fingertip. Ricardis was tired and fell asleep while still sitting.




Ricardis was lying on someone’s thigh. His eyes were closed, but he could tell who it was. Didn’t she always show up when he was in danger?


‘It must be Rosaline. Indifferent and calm, my escort knight.’


[I’m tired.]


[Are you alright, Your Highness?]


He didn’t hear the words with his ears but from a hum in his head. It was a dream.


[I think I’ve won, but there’s always nothing left in my hands. I’m so tired, Sir Rosaline.]


[I’ll catch some rabbits. If you eat something delicious, you will gain strength.]


Ricardis closed his eyes and grinned. He felt a gentle hand tidying his messy hair.


[I’m scared.]


[I will protect you by your side all night long.]


[It’s so easy for people to die, so it’s scary, Rosaline.]


[Do not worry. I will protect you.]


His body became warm. Suddenly, he was covered with a soft cloth up to his chin. Ricardis felt warmth return to his cold fingertips. He licked his lips for a moment, then let out a curse. It was a part of his emotions he had never shown before.


[I’m afraid of you dying, Rosaline.]


[I will never die.]


He felt weak and couldn’t move. Even opening his eyes was difficult. Ricardis felt his eyelashes tremble before he finally opened his vivid blue eyes, barely waking up and facing the owner of the hand that tidied his hair.


[I can’t stop worrying, so you must come back.]


[I’m sorry, I can’t go. My shoulder hurts.]


[Then run with your fast legs.]


[I also hurt my leg.]


[Come even if you have to crawl.]


She didn’t answer. Ricardis continued without hesitation.


[Don’t die where I am not.]


[Yes, Your Highness.]


[Perhaps after time passes and everything is over, but the words, ‘I fought alone, and I died in pain alone…’ Don’t make me remember your death, Rosaline.]


Yes, Your Highness.


Her words rumbled as each word split and merged in his head.


I’ll take your orders. Yes, Your Highness. Your Highness. Your Highness…


“Your Highness!”


Ricardis opened his eyes. He looked around at the urgent voice and saw Nathan, who had just found bandages in his luggage, rushing out. In an instant, goosebumps spread all over his body. Even though his head was slowly spinning due to the short amount of sleep, his sensitive intuition was the first to inform him of the situation. Ricardis hurriedly raised his trembling body. Raymond was at the doorway, holding someone who had fallen. It was a woman with hair blacker than the night and brighter than the stars.


Raymond’s tears dripped down onto Rosaline’s face. Rosaline, who had been nowhere to be found, was now in his arms. From the wounds on her shoulder they’d seen last morning to her waist and back, her arms and legs, her white uniform was stained dark red from big and small wounds. She shivered and tried to get up, but she sank back down to her feet, apparently feeling weak. Raymond hurriedly picked up her collapsing body.


“Sir Rosaline!”


“Deputy Commander…”


She trembled, unable to open her eyes properly. Ricardis hurriedly knelt and looked at Rosaline’s condition. Black veins protruding from her skin could easily be seen at a glance. It was a sign of Fragment. Ricardis clamped his jaw hard enough to crush his teeth.


“Sir Raymond, hurry up!” Ricardis shouted, hugging her back tightly as she lay in Raymond’s arms.


Raymond’s hands were trembling, and he only regained his senses after that shout. Even if he continued to hold Rosaline, her condition would not improve. Raymond quickly handed Rosaline over into Ricardis’ arms.


Rosaline’s body was alarmingly cold. She put her face on Ricardis’ chest and muttered something.


“It’s okay, it’s okay, you can speak slowly,” Ricardis rubbed her back until she stopped.


“Your Highness…”


“What is it, Sir Rosaline?”


“It will be fine now. No one is chasing… You can… relax…”


“Let’s slowly go together. You’ve worked hard.”


Ricardis held her and carried her into the hut. Drops of blood running down her dark hair dripped onto Ricardis’ chest, making him impatient. He hurriedly took off his cloak, rolled it up, and laid it under Rosaline’s head. A shallow breath escaped from her mouth.


Ricardis frowned after cutting her clothes off with a dagger. Her blood had clotted, and sharp weapons had made numerous stab wounds here and there. The most problematic among them were the traces of Fragment all over her body. The poison spread along her veins, making it look like a black spider’s web. He clenched his teeth and poured out holy power. White mist drifted through the dark hut.


For a moment, Ricardis had a strange feeling. Most of the holy energy that had wandered inside Rosaline just bottomed out somewhere without being absorbed. Ricardis, who had healed many people, including some demons in prison, was very embarrassed. Even the demons who have the opposite nature accepted his holy power naturally and healed, but to Rosaline, it only touched the surface like water and oil.


Normally, he would start doubting this strange phenomenon. But right now, he was only impatient. He couldn’t afford to worry about such a small thing. Only a small amount of holy power permeated into Rosaline’s body. He had no choice but to hold on to it as if it were a lifeline that came down from the sky. Ricardis constantly rained down holy power. Rosaline’s condition improved and deteriorated, and her complexion changed every moment.


“Ugh. Heokk…”


She threw up something with a choking sound. The half-torn wooden door didn’t do its job and let out all the noise. In a clumsy attempt, Nathan tried to close it, but if he wanted to, he could easily see inside. Nevertheless, the two men looked out at the forest and did not look back. Raymond held back his words and only shed tears. Reminded of how Raymond had been leading and caring for Rosaline since the days when she was still his apprentice knight, Nathan gently urged him to go in and be by Rosaline’s side. Instead of answering, Raymond slapped his own face with strength that might rip his head off. Nathan freaked out and stopped him.


“Sir Raymond!”


“It’s okay. I’m okay.”


Tears dripped down his bare cheeks. His okays didn’t sound very convincing. Raymond drew a picture of Rosaline in his mind. Back in her youthful days, she tied up her thick black hair that reached her shoulders.


[Sir Raymond, how can I become a knight like you?]


[What do you mean a knight like me?]


[A strong and… a great knight?]


[Uwaaaa, what a cute guy! You’ll find out after sleeping a hundred more nights, so don’t rush.]


Raymond wiped his runny nose with his sleeve. Rage was in his watery eyes.


“Rosaline did what she had to do. I, too, will do my job.”


The man who was bitterly crying changed his momentum in an instant. Even those bright eyes looking at him were filled with respect. There was no time to mourn someone who was standing at the crossroads of life or death.




A fierce battle continued inside Rosaline. Her wounds healed as she was gathered the magic within her body to slow the progression of the poison. However, as many of her injuries increased during her battle, the amount of Fragment also increased. The magic was on the verge of flooding and destroying the dam.


Ricardis’ holy power was as good as putting mud on a cracked dam. Although it did not cure the poison, it energized her exhausted body and supported her. The holy power praised by the Empire and the whole continent can only do this much. Ricardis trembled at his helplessness. Sweat ran down Ricardis’ jawline, and his complexion was getting paler along with Rosaline’s.