The King of Bugs
Status Ongoing
Type Manhua
Released 2021
Author Tony
Artist Editor in Chief: Ban Yue
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The King of Bugs

The Debugging Master Enters the Game, The King of Bugs, バグを知り尽くした僕は世界を制した, 我靠BUG上王者

Synopsis The King of Bugs

Computer game programmer, Xander Song spends his days suffering under his abusive boss and cruel coworkers. Tasked with debugging a new video game called “New Realm,” Xander instead transforms the bugs into easter eggs for only the worthiest of players to uncover. One fateful day, reality rewrites itself and merges with “New Realm.” Thrust into a whole new world, Xander must find his way among desperate players while beating dangerous bosses. Will Xander’s knowledge of the game be enough to survive? Or will it be GAME OVER before he knows it?Original WebcomicOfficial Translations:Japanese-E…

Chapter The King of Bugs