The First Sword Of Earth
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Status Ongoing
Type Manhua
Released 2021
Author 两只猫先生
Artist 两只猫先生
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The First Sword Of Earth

Di Qiu Di Yi Jian, Dì Qiú Dì Yī Jiàn, The First Sword of Earth, 地球第一剑

Synopsis The First Sword Of Earth

The Moon Palace casts its shadow; the primordial Qi comes back. The unrotten immortal corpses, six monuments of immortal formula. Wang Sheng lives two lives. In his first life, he didn’t seize the opportunity in the great change. Being Muddle-headed in his thirties, he had no friends or family. Unluckily, he became cannon fodder in the battle between the two immortal gangs. He died, worthlessly.But when he wakes up, he finds himself back on the eve of the cataclysm. However, he doesn’t feel overjoyed. Nor does he celebrate his rebirth, because it was just a beginning for him…Original Webc…