Eternal life
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Status Ongoing
Type Manhua
Released 2022
Author 梦入神机
Artist 闻源文化
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Eternal life

Eternal Life, The Immortality, Yong Sheng, Yǒng Shēng, 永生

Synopsis Eternal life

Regardless if it’s celestial or demonic cultivation, my destiny is in my own hands! Fang Han, a lowly servant, travels the world on his own to cultivate immortality. He forges a path into the celestial realm and finally becomes a legend.Original WebcomicOfficial Translations:EnglishThe humble house-slave Fang Han traveled the world to build up his own strength, forging his ordinary flesh into an immortal body. Now he will step into the immortal realm and claim his rightful place on top of the throne!

Chapter Eternal life