Dominating the town
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Status Ongoing
Type Manhua
Released 2020
Author Chuanqi Man Ye
Artist Chuanqi Man Ye
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Dominating the town

Dominating the Town, Domineering Dictator, I Am the Invincible God of War, Soy el invencible Dios de la guerra., 我是无双战神, 鎮國主宰, 镇国主宰

Synopsis Dominating the town

Driven out of his home and his mother tricked into committing suicide,
Zhan Tian Di was separated from his only remaining family and forced to enroll into the military. Now known as the “God of War” who can manipulate half the country, he received orders to go back to the capital after ten long years. What will happen when he returns with the power to leave others trembling beneath him?

Chapter Dominating the town